Android Boxes – The Legality of Them

Android Boxes are Great

Android Boxes are Great ! You know it is true! You can watch any T.V. series, any movie , listen to any song or watch any channel. There must be something highly illegal about them!!

In Ireland you are allowed to stream whatever you want as long as you do not download anything. As the android boxes are sold with the intention of making streaming easy, it fits into this category.


In April of this year it was decided by the European court ( Read This  ) that while the boxes themselves were not illegal, it was illegal to sell them with certain pre-loaded apps -( The famous dodgy box you may have heard of) .These apps might include such as Mobdro or Terrarium TV.  Kodi also got a mention, but unless you install a build or certain apps on Kodi you can’t use it to stream off the internet. Kodi’s problem is that there are dozens of websites with the builds needed to stream all of the stuff they don’t want you to. Ares Wizard is one of the best known and they have literally hundreds of builds you can install on Kodi.

There is nothing to say that the purchaser cannot load these apps themselves. If they did this they would have to remove all the smart phones and smart televisions for sale as well.It is unlikely that this will happen.

The big loser with these boxes is probably Sky. Many people go from Sky packages of €100+ per month to a couple of android boxes (multi room effect).  These boxes can be used to stream any channel in the world, including Sky’s.


What do you need to work an Android Box?

You need a decent internet connection. 5 MB or better if possible, though I have seen people with only 3 MB speed using these.  Many people with poor or no  internet use their phone’s hotspot effect.  If you have bought a box with no pre-loaded apps you will need to download them yourself. You can find many on the Google Play Store, or YouTube is full of sources and how-to videos as well.

If you would like to see what android boxes look like click here for the TANIX or here for the V88


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