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Jim’s Online Shop

Jim’s Online Shop is a new gadgets, gizmos and basically anything we think you will somebody will look at and say ‘COOL’ or ‘I’d love that!’. We are starting out with both new products sourced from around the world. These include items such as android TV boxes and smart watches. We also offer some used items such as a ‘ROLLS ROYCE SILVER SHADOW MARK 1‘ and vintage comics.

As time goes on we hope to have several thousand different items on ‘ The Shop‘ . If you don’t see something you want on this visit, come back in a few weeks and there will be new items to peruse.

Special Offers

Occasionally we will run special offers and you will be able to find them on our Facebook page and in a short while Twitter and Pinterest.

Our Guarantee

All new items we sell come with a warranty so you needn’t be afraid of buying something that is a little pricier than you normally buy online. Our used item are without a warranty but they will all have been checked by myself  –  JIM – and will be as described. If it is damaged when you receive it, just contact me and I will get it sorted.


The postage is included when you buy any of our items unless we say otherwise. Items like the Rolls Royce cannot be put in an envelope and posted to you. For objects like this you will have to be prepared to come pick it up.

About Us

Jim’s Online Shop is an Irish owned online shop. While we plan to grow the Shop as large as possible, we will only be selling to Ireland! The shop is in it’s early stages and will in time I trust, come to look more sophisticated. Until then I hope our products will be enough to hold your interest.

Our Prices

We have checked all our products against similar items on Ebay and you are better off buying from us! We wish you happy shopping!


  • John says:

    Hey Jim, I am interested in purchasing one of the pop up green screens. I am located in Dublin and curious how long the shipping would take if I placed and order? Many thanks, John.

    • Hi John,
      normal delivery is between 1 – 2 weeks.

      • John says:

        Thanks for the reply, I am very tempted. I spotted two different pop up green screens but the prices confuse me a little. One of them looks like the size of an average mirror in a kitchen and the other looks like it is the size of a big kitchen table. The price for the one on this site seems to be reasonable and judging its size, I am wondering what one it would be cause due to the width of the room I stream from I would need a large one, any tips would help massively and if this one here is the big one then I would really love to purchase it as the price is great.

  • John says:

    Hey Jim I finally got around and placed my order today. (John with the green screen sent to Dublin, I hope it went through). I will be visiting Rome tomorrow morning until Sunday. Would there be a rough estimate on when you could suggest it delivers so I can give my family members a notice to keep their eye out for a delivery?

    Many thanks again,


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